Ductless mini-split Heat Pumps provide superior heating and cooling comfort with high-efficiency savings

Other Benefits

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  • Heat and cool a home two to four times as efficiently as conventional heating and cooling systems, reducing utility bills
  • Allow for customization and control of the temperature of each room in a home
  • Require no existing ductwork
  • Are less invasive and expensive than installing the ducting required for central systems
  • Qualified models are optimized for New York weather conditions—look for a cold-climate model
  • Small in size, providing design flexibility in home placement
  • Require no combustion, which eliminates carbon monoxide, making them safer than conventional heating and cooling options
  • Produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment
  • Require minimal maintenance

What Makes a Mini-Split So Great?

Cooling and heating for comfort where you want it when you want it
Continuous air filtration and odor elimination

Whisper quiet operation

Most energy efficient cooling and heating system available so you can save on your energy bills
Unlike central air conditioning systems, ductless heat pumps do not take up valuable space in your home or require invasive remodeling to install