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Heating and Air Conditioning Systems - service, installation and repair

Milner Air Conditioning Services, Inc. has been in the business for almost 35 years and have experience with ust about every brand out there.  We are proud to recommend American Standard residential heating and cooling products because of their reliability, sturdy construction and overal quality.


40 Humboldt St.

Rochester, NY  14609

You have many choices.  Selecting the right company to work with is the key to your satisfaction because that company needs to stand by all the workmanship and any warranty issues.  You can rely on our team to bring prompt, reliable and professional services to your door.  Whether it's......

* Seasonal Maintenance

* Emergency Repairs

* Cooling or Heating System Replacements

* Whole-House Backup Generators

* Duct Cleaning

*  Ductless Heating/Cooling Heat Pump Systems

* Humidification, Air Cleaners or UV Air Treatment

You will receive guaranteed satisfaction for everything we do - period!

Lifetime Guarantee on all our Workmanship *

* As long as we provide the ongoing service and maintenance.